How Caraway Can Help

Anna Chaplains

Anna Chaplains work in the community to promote and resource the spiritual needs of all older people. Primarily they are there to listen and help navigate some of the changes we all face in our later years. They are also available to pray, explore faith and help others to connect with God where appropriate.

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Care Homes and Supported Housing

Spiritually resourcing the most frail and vulnerable in our communities is a fundamental part of the work of Caraway. Led by a team of Anna Chaplains we aim to hold a regular Act of Worship in all Care Homes across the city, along with visiting residents and supporting family and staff where appropriate.

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Community Events

Bringing older people together to enjoy food, laughter and companionship is central to Caraway’s work. We organise and resource both regular and annual community events throughout the year.

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Training and Resourcing

Caraway is committed to providing a range of training opportunities for those working and volunteering with older people to support, resource and underpin their work in the community and residential care.

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Holiday at Home

We’ve had fun cruising around the Mediterranean, taking in the sights of Paris and travelling to Scotland over the past few years – and all without leaving Southampton! These are wonderful, annual events, bringing our older community together for a fun-filled few days.

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Dementia Friendly Community Events

In partnership with our local NHS Admiral Nurses, employed to help the carers of people living with dementia, we run monthly Film Afternoons and Memory Cafes.

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Caraway is a registered charity. Support us to resource our older community.


You do see your friends and neighbours, all being brought in. It’s a relaxed atmosphere . It means you do feel included in the church family. We’re a very close family and have friends of friends of friends, but the young people, they don’t have anybody . It continued church as I haven’t been so well lately after a fall. My balance is poor and my voice isn’t what it used to be, and I love to sing. I always knew when it was time to get up as I could hear Grandma in the kitchen, she sang

Liz’s Mum

I do enjoy all of it. I think the service at the start is good. I know some people find the little figures a bit patronising, but the discussions are good and it's good to meet up with friends and it's good to see all the displays. It does make you think. It’s the companionship and the friendliness. It’s just a pleasant few hours really. I think it’s nice to be using the church for a truly worshipping session.


Why do you come as a volunteer to help with events like Vintage Adventure in church?  …Well, as I’m getting older, I realise that for an awful lot of the elderly, they’ve not got very long left to get to know the lord So I think this generation is the most important ministry. If you’re in with students and you mess it up, they’ve got a whole lifetime when they can met somebody who will correct it. We haven’t got that luxury so this is a very important ministry and I just want to do my little bit.

Rob Childs

I come to Vintage Adventure because , being a single person, it’s good to come to places where I meet people and I think in a big church, any groups, be it for young or old to meet people on a much smaller scale is really important like homegroups  I think it is very good for the older generation to be catered for because they have certain emphases.

Pat ( Scottish dancer)