Caraway Course for Carers

This new course gives carers the tools to help them look after themselves and to understand the disease and how they can support the person living with dementia as the disease progresses.

Caraway recognises that carers need help during the first few months following diagnosis and has set up a course for carers. Being given a diagnosis of dementia in your family is a scary thing. It is like starting a new journey without a map, an unknown route and an uncertain destination.

Unlike other dementia related courses this is not a ‘how to do dementia care’ as no one size fits all. It is a way of understanding how we think and feel, how we open ourselves up to the pain it brings and how to start living life in a way that is better for us. The Caraway Course for Carers focuses on the emotional turmoil dementia can bring.  You will explore a range of tools and strategies for managing thoughts and feelings such as guilt, shame, pain, frustration and anger to mention a few.

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Course Content

The Caraway Course for Carers of People living with Dementia. Subjects covered by this course include:

  • The emotional impact of caring
  • Where to go for help in the city
  • Information from medical and social services
  • Legal and financial issues
  • Getting to know other carers
Is this right for me?

This course is for all carers and family members whose lives are disrupted by a dementia diagnosis. 

You will be guided through the course so you can start to make sense of the things that cause you difficulties, your response to them and explore how this can be changed so life can be that little bit better. 

After attending, you will:
  • Understand what the dementia journey looks like and what might happen on the way.
  • Have found new friends and an ongoing support network in the group of carers.
  • Be integrated into their local Memory café for ongoing support.
  • Be loved and cared for as they come to realise the path ahead and the roller coaster of emotions it brings.
Get to know Southampton's Dementia Professionals

With plenty of opportunities to meet various professionals who can help you along the way with topics such as:

  • Financial and legal matters
  • Benefits
  • Considering care
  • Physical aids
  • Technology
Build a strong support network

By attending this course you will meet other carers, make new friends and share your experiences of caring for people living with dementia.

What others said...

People who have attended the We Care Dementia Care before say: 

“Brilliant course!  I started it feeling alone, stressed and vague about support and ended it with tools to manage my life, a set of new friends and feeling thoroughly plugged in.”

“Given me the ability to talk about my caring role and it’s impact on me, helped to identify some further sources of support, helped me to consider what changes I could make to look after myself better ”

How long is the course?

 Each Course will be seven sessions of 1hour 45minutes each held over 3 months. Carers sign up for the whole course, as it too is a journey of learning and healing.

What is the cost?

It is free but donations to cover the costs are very welcome. Suggested donation £10 a session.


Next Course?

The course will be run three times a year in Southampton West, Central and East.  The next course is in Sholing, starting in September and will be repeated in Winter 2025 (possibly) Online, before returning to a Southampton West location for Spring 2025.

How to book?

To register your interest click here:  Online Form

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Phone Caraway on 07535 164014