Caraway has developed from the work of Revd Dr Erica Roberts in her role as Southampton Chaplain for Older People, which began in March 2014. It is a citywide initiative to encourage and resource the local church in Southampton to connect more widely with the older population across the city and surrounding area. As City Chaplain, Erica has worked in partnership with others in the voluntary and statutory sectors to be an advocate for the older person and resource those who are physically and cognitively vulnerable.

This work is now being expanded and developed across the city of Southampton by Caraway, and Caraway became a registered charity in March 2018.

Download Caraway’s information leaflet here and learn more about us and how we contribute

Caraway Vision

Caraway seeks to be an advocate for the older person, supporting the lonely, and promoting the spiritual well-being of those in the community and living in residential care. We also aim to be a resource for those living with dementia, and their carers.



“The Lord is good to all; He has compassion on all He has made”

Psalm 145: 9


“As one iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another”

Proverbs 27: 17


“And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds”

Hebrews 10: 24

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Caraway Launch, October 16th. A tea Party to Remember
Caraway Launch, October 16th. A tea Party to Remember

The launch of Caraway, the new charity set up by the Revd Dr Erica Roberts, City Chaplain…

Listening and Sharing: Care Home Training
Listening and Sharing: Care Home Training

One of Caraway’s aims is to enable a Christian presence in all Care Homes and Supported Housing Complexes over the…

Tell us: How Can Caraway Help? …We’re listening!
Tell us: How Can Caraway Help? …We’re listening!

A great resource for Caraway were 24 people who came to our focus group, a vision meeting to explore a consumer…

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Vintage Adventure…it gets everybody talking

About Vintage Adventure:

I’ve been a member of this church since my early twenties and there has been over the years a lack of things for old people, a time to reflect,  and places to meet for quite things, non threatening, and where you didn’t have to be standing up and doing things , or rushing around, you know. So I came a long and tried it one day, someone invited me along. I hadn’t even considered doing it as I am still fairly busy, and I came along and met people I hadn’t seen for such a long time and got to know other people. It was all quiet and reflective and yet it drags it out of you, what you really think, what difference can you make even at our collective ages.


Caraway is a registered charity. Support us to resource our older community.


I see spiritual wellbeing as far more than just whether someone goes to church or not, than whether they have a faith or not, it is far more linked to their whole being.


I like to come because first of all I get to know people's names, because I see them frequently but I don’t know who they are. I enjoy seeing people really and different accents.


I think the church should cater for people of all ages and for years on the whole churches have had children’s workers and youth workers and on the whole they’ve ignored the elderly. They are waking up to it at long last and I think that’s important.

David Croad

Well, I just enjoy getting together with people, seeing the group grow, it really is inspiring, there’s 34 of us here today, the maximum I’ve ever seen. I enjoy the format of it, the little service,  and then having lunch at the end is nice. It’s really inspiring, I look forward to it very much.