Do you know an older person who would benefit from a kind, listening ear?

o  Who may be lonely or isolated?
o  Who is bereaved or going through a major time of transition?
o  Who would appreciate having someone understanding to talk to?

What is Caraway Chaplaincy?

Caraway Chaplaincy is a free service that operates in the Southampton community in order to promote and meet the Spiritual and Well-being needs of older people. It is available to those with any faith or with none.

Speaking with a Chaplain can help older people make sense of their situation. Chaplains can comfort them, and offer practical and helpful advice. They will use a wide range of tools and resources to aid conversation, facilitate reflection and build well-being. Where appropriate, they can also pray, explore what faith means to you, and offer guidance, signposting and networking.

This service is for older people, usually aged 70 or above, who live within the Postcodes SO14-SO19. They may live independently, with family, or in Sheltered Accommodation or a Care Home. Our Caraway Chaplains travel to where they are.

Our Caraway Chaplains are experienced in spiritual, pastoral and religious care. They are leaders in a recognised faith community and are fully trained in delivering Chaplaincy. Contact with a Chaplain may be over the phone, a home visit or at a group event. Our Chaplains also visit Care Homes, sheltered accommodation and help to provide community events.

Some of the ways our Chaplains will work with you:

Helping older people talk about and reflect on their life experiences and the relationships and events that have been important to them. Recounting memories, both sad and happy can be a positive, uplifting and healing gift. Through this process, it is possible to deal with unresolved issues such as feelings of guilt, or a lack of forgiveness which can lead to a more peaceful state of mind in later life. 

Where it is appropriate, Chaplains can provide acts of Christian worship such as Holy Communion, baptism, reading the Bible together and prayer.

Periods of change or transition can be difficult emotionally as we get older; moving from independent living into sheltered housing, or losing someone close. Talking things through, and addressing the spiritual part of this process can be helpful.

Finding places and groups within the community that may provide longer term support, friendship and activity. Encouraging and if possible, enabling the older person along to try new activities or to attend appropriate events within their local area. 

If help is needed in areas outside the remit of our Chaplains, they will be able to refer to other services, charities, organisations, and spiritual care givers of other faiths, many specifically for older people, that may be able to help.

Anna Chaplaincy

There is a National Chaplaincy for Older People Network called ‘Anna Chaplaincy’.

This is the organisation that provides much of the support and training that Caraway Chaplains receive. Some of our Caraway Chaplains have qualified as ‘Anna Chaplains’ and therefore sometimes go by that title.

The name ‘Anna’ is chosen for its echoes of Anna, the widow and faithful older person who, together with Simeon, recognised the baby Jesus as the Messiah and the fulfilment of God’s promises.

Find out more about Anna Chaplaincy on the BRF website

Chaplaincy in Care Homes

Caraway Chaplains operate in a number of Care Homes across Southampton. They are able to offer 1-1 visits with residents in need of support, as well as hold Christian services, Acts of Worship such as hold Communion and provide activities and resources.

If you are in a Care Home and would like a Caraway Chaplain to visit you, or if you work in a Care Home and would like to talk to us further about how we can help, please get in touch.


Support us to resource our older community.

Caraway is a registered charity (Charity Number 1177743).