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Caraway has been working in partnership with the Admiral nurses, nurses for carers of those with dementia, to hold a monthly Memory Cafe in 3 areas of the city. The Memory Cafe is a way to meet with and chat to other carers, and to have some light hearted chat about other topics such as memories of holidays, laughter, music, or pets. Just drop in when you can come, it is a friendly group.

The afternoons include an interval to refill drinks, get up and stretch one’s legs, and a chance to chat with new friends. The idea is that these film afternoons provide a relaxed space where people with dementia and their carers can come for an enjoyable outing, knowing that it is a friendly and understanding environment.

What’s On!





Regular events….All on hold due to Covid-19.

A warm welcome awaits! Usually accompanied by a cup of tea! Caraway supports and resources a growing number of regular events across the city. Some are weekly, some fortnightly and others once a month. Come along to find out more, meet new people and enjoy new experiences.

Vintage Adventure Highfield Church Tuesday 11 – 2pm Second Tuesday of Every Month
Memory Café Highfield Highfield Church Centre Wednesday 1:30-3:30 First Wednesday of Every Month
Monty’s Majors Monty’s Hub Wednesday 1:30-3:30 First Wednesday
Dementia Friendly Film Afternoon Highfield Church Centre Wednesday 1:30-3:30 To be confirmed
Classic Cuppa St Mary’s Church, Sholing Monday 10-11:30 Every Monday

Occasional or Annual Events

Every year Caraway supports exciting annual events such as Holiday at Home, and celebrations such as ‘International Older Peron’s Day’. A chance for older people from across Southampton to join together, eat together and have fun together.

Tea Dance Highfield Church Centre Tuesday 2-4:30 1st October 2020. cancelled due to covid19
Holiday at Home Lorshill Lordshill Church Thursday 10-3:30 4th June 2020

cancelled due to Covid 19

Holiday at Home Highfield Highfield Church Thursday and Friday 10-3:30 17 and 18 June 2020

Cancelled due to Covid-19

Holiday at Home Sholing St Mary’s Church, Sholing Wednesday and Thursday 10-3:30 24 and 25 June 2020 cancelled due to Covid-19

The Memory Cafe held every 2 weeks, provides an opportunity for conversation, laughter and information sharing in a relaxed environment with refreshments.

Currently held at Highfield Church Centre, the format of the afternoons is such that we anticipate setting up others elsewhere in the city over the coming year.

Postponed due to Covid-19


Caraway is a registered charity. Support us to resource our older community.

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You do see your friends and neighbours, all being brought in. It’s a relaxed atmosphere . It means you do feel included in the church family. We’re a very close family and have friends of friends of friends, but the young people, they don’t have anybody . It continued church as I haven’t been so well lately after a fall. My balance is poor and my voice isn’t what it used to be, and I love to sing. I always knew when it was time to get up as I could hear Grandma in the kitchen, she sang

Liz’s Mum

I do enjoy all of it. I think the service at the start is good. I know some people find the little figures a bit patronising, but the discussions are good and it's good to meet up with friends and it's good to see all the displays. It does make you think. It’s the companionship and the friendliness. It’s just a pleasant few hours really. I think it’s nice to be using the church for a truly worshipping session.


Why do you come as a volunteer to help with events like Vintage Adventure in church?  …Well, as I’m getting older, I realise that for an awful lot of the elderly, they’ve not got very long left to get to know the lord So I think this generation is the most important ministry. If you’re in with students and you mess it up, they’ve got a whole lifetime when they can met somebody who will correct it. We haven’t got that luxury so this is a very important ministry and I just want to do my little bit.

Rob Childs

I come to Vintage Adventure because , being a single person, it’s good to come to places where I meet people and I think in a big church, any groups, be it for young or old to meet people on a much smaller scale is really important like homegroups  I think it is very good for the older generation to be catered for because they have certain emphases.

Pat ( Scottish dancer)