Our Vision for a City Chaplain for Dementia:  CAN YOU HELP US?

Caraway is privileged to be part of the dementia services in Southampton.  We are very proud of the memory cafes in our Dementia Friendly City that we help run alongside Southampton’s Admiral Nurses. We have set these regular support gatherings up to care for some of the many families living with dementia. As this vital service grows, we are looking to fund a dedicated Chaplain for Dementia. 

This new role will enable us to expand our care for Southampton’s community of those living with dementia by supporting our Memory Cafes, providing spiritual care for the individual and family, training our highly skilled dementia volunteers and networking with providers ensuring we deliver the best service possible.

All Caraway Chaplains offer:
  • A listening ear
  • An open heart
  • The ability to hold uncertainty
Caraway spiritual care is for those of all faiths and none.  This includes the need:
  • For meaning, purpose and value
  • For love and to give love
  • For hope, peace and gratitude
How can I help?  Your help in fundraising for a City Chaplain for Dementia would mean the world to so many, even a small amount really will make a difference.

Two Pounds delivers a Vintage Adventure @Home Pack for a person who is housebound or lonely.  We send 200 of these each month many of the people who receive these are living with dementia.

Five pounds will provide refreshments for a Memory Café.  These are a safe place for those living with dementia and their families can meet in a comfortable friendly environment with time and   space for a chat and support.

Twenty pounds will provide thirty minutes for a not-for-profit entertainer to engage with our memory café participants.  Providing an enjoyable, fun afternoon reconnecting with those living with dementia and often opening the pathway to their memories.

Fifty pounds funds our City Chaplain for Dementia to spend an afternoon at a Memory Café supporting those facing some of the many challenges living with dementia presents. By lending a listening ear, show no-one should be alone in their struggle.

If you can regularly give, each month or donate a one-off gift you will help us continue to expand this essential support for the many older people living with dementia in Southampton.

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