Wellbeing Calls…

…for Families Living with Dementia

This service, supports families living with dementia by contacting them at home to see how they are, listen and redirect, as required.

The overall aim is that all our people living with dementia are healthy, safe, and independent at home. Advice, signposting or referral back to the Admiral Nurses or other health professionals can help those on the dementia journey. This wellbeing call service is offered to consenting families living with dementia, who would normally attend the memory café and wish to stay connected.

Only the information needed to make contact will be shared with the volunteer, this will enable the volunteer to contact you and agree a suitable time to undertake calls.

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Wellbeing volunteers:

Our volunteers are trained and vetted by Caraway, are DBS checked and are all volunteers. The volunteers are supported by the Caraway team and receive regular group supervision.

People helping people! This is not a clinical service, just some ordinary people trained to do an amazing job of gifting their time to connect, listen and be there.


How do our wellbeing calls for families living with dementia work?

The service is offered to families living with dementia under the care of an Admiral Nurse but are not needing active specialist Nurse help.

This is when a wellbeing volunteer gives the family living with dementia a call and asks “How are you?” and has time to listen to what they have to say, how their day has been, what they are finding hard, what they are enjoying.

They signpost opportunities to stay connected and redirect any queries, as required.

Is Caraway's Wellbeing Calls for Families living with Dementia for me?

We hope that you as a family living with dementia will feel:

  • Remembered and cared about.
  • Listened to about how your journey with dementia is going.
  • Celebrated with when things go well.
  • Supported when things are tricky.
  • That you know about resources and services available to help make the journey a supported one.
  • That you can trust your volunteer and talk confidentially about things that matter most to you and your loved ones.
What will a volunteer do to support families living with dementia?
  • Connect with the families living with dementia in a way suitable to them and check in to see how they are, on an agreed frequency basis.
  • Encourage you to gain access to resources that you or the person with dementia may need, accessing services such as singing, walking groups and emotional support.
  • Check that families living with dementia are aware of appointments, as appropriate.
  • Identify when things are not going so well and identify options for support .
  • Inform Caraway immediately of any general problems, concerns or incidents.
What does wellbeing calls for families living with Dementia offer:
  • Telephone wellbeing support for families living with dementia.
  • Information to help our families stay connected during challenging, and isolating times.
  • Supporting our families living with dementia by Listening, Signposting and Encouraging.
  • Ensure those living with dementia are healthy, safe, and independent at home.
  • Replicates the connection our families find when attending a memory café.

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Leaflets about this service that are available to download…

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Leaflet Downloads

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