We have a fantastic team of volunteers and supporters and we would love for this to keep growing as our work expands. Here are some of the ways you can get involved and we would love to chat to you so please get in touch!


Caraway Volunteers

Working alongside Older People is hugely rewarding and uplifting. There is a great variety of volunteer roles at Caraway! Could you:

  • Serve refreshments at an event?
  • Chat to an Older Person on a Care Home visit?
  • Help an Anna Chaplain locate those who may be lonely?
  • Give the administration team a hand?


Resourcing and training events

Caraway provides a number of training opportunities for those working alongside Older People. We also resource churches and groups who are involved in this important area.

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The work of Caraway isn’t possible without being supported financially. We raise money and awareness through putting on fundraising events and by applying to grant giving bodies. Is this something you could help with?



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Make a donation

Caraway is a registered charity that greatly appreciates support from donations and legacies.

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Pray with us

Join us for our city wide prayer gatherings.
Anyone is welcome to join us to pray for and with our older people. We meet three times a year around the city.

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Each month we send prayer points no more than one side of A4.

Pray with Us

Caraway is a registered charity. Support us to resource our older community.

From the Blog
Caraway Launch, October 16th. A tea Party to Remember
Caraway Launch, October 16th. A tea Party to Remember

The launch of Caraway, the new charity set up by the Revd Dr Erica Roberts, City Chaplain…

Listening and Sharing: Care Home Training
Listening and Sharing: Care Home Training

One of Caraway’s aims is to enable a Christian presence in all Care Homes and Supported Housing Complexes over the…

Tell us: How Can Caraway Help? …We’re listening!
Tell us: How Can Caraway Help? …We’re listening!

A great resource for Caraway were 24 people who came to our focus group, a vision meeting to explore a consumer…


…My name is Marion and I’m an Anna Chaplain. The role of an Anna Chaplain is to support the spiritual needs of older people and that’s why I took up the post because I think it’s a vital thing to do. In many communities older people are marginalised, resources are quite rightly spent on children and young people and the older people can be a bit left out. I think it is absolutely vital that we are an inclusive community, that we care for everyone and if we don’t we come to lose because older people are such a rich resource of wisdom, of life experience so if we don’t take notice of them, we are missing out on so much ourselves.

Marion Hitchings (Anna Chaplain)

Why is it worth churches putting on events like Vintage Adventure? …Well, I think we all know that growing old is hard these days, I’ve learnt that myself in the last few years and I think Vintage Adventure has been arranged and planned in a wonderful way to help us. I think it’s lovely to come here into this lovely environment at a church and to see it all set up so beautifully for us, that’s a pleasure , but also of course, the company we come to and the welcome we get, that’s lovely.  Then there’s a subject, a theme and that is usually something to make us think, not just entertain us and that is really good for us. Then there’s the spiritual which is very clear, but very gentle and I believe we all need that, whatever our past experience, whatever we believe . That is such a lovely encouragement and strength for us. I think what they are doing here is really wonderful.