Our Wonderful Sponsors. Thank you!

Many of our activities and services would not be possible without the support and funding from a number of organisations. We extend our thanks to those in our local community who are helping us to provide these vital services to older people, and those living with dementia.


Awards for all, National Lottery

Funding has facilitated development of Holiday at Home, Film Afternoons and Memory Cafe initiatives in partnership with various churches and the Admiral Nurses.


This scheme facilitates unwanted food to be used for charitable causes. They have provided food for many of our events which has helped keep costs down and make them free for attendees.

Highfield Church

Highfield has supported Caraway in many ways, especially in it’s early days. In particular we thank them for their financial and administrative support.

The Listeners

These good folk have supported our charity launch and focus events surrounding this. Registered Charity 267990, www.thelisteners.org.uk


Our local supermarket has sponsored many events with food donations and fundraising opportunities via the green token scheme.

Southampton City Council

Funds granted were towards running a celebration event for ‘International Older Persons Day on 1st October 2019.


Would you like to sponsor the work of Caraway?

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Our Sponsors
Awards For All
Highfield Church
Fare Share
Waitrose and Partners

Caraway is a registered charity. Support us to resource our older community.


…My name is Marion and I’m an Anna Chaplain. The role of an Anna Chaplain is to support the spiritual needs of older people and that’s why I took up the post because I think it’s a vital thing to do. In many communities older people are marginalised, resources are quite rightly spent on children and young people and the older people can be a bit left out. I think it is absolutely vital that we are an inclusive community, that we care for everyone and if we don’t we come to lose because older people are such a rich resource of wisdom, of life experience so if we don’t take notice of them, we are missing out on so much ourselves.

Marion Hitchins (Anna Chaplain)

Why is it worth churches putting on events like Vintage Adventure? …Well, I think we all know that growing old is hard these days, I’ve learnt that myself in the last few years and I think Vintage Adventure has been arranged and planned in a wonderful way to help us. I think it’s lovely to come here into this lovely environment at a church and to see it all set up so beautifully for us, that’s a pleasure , but also of course, the company we come to and the welcome we get, that’s lovely.  Then there’s a subject, a theme and that is usually something to make us think, not just entertain us and that is really good for us. Then there’s the spiritual which is very clear, but very gentle and I believe we all need that, whatever our past experience, whatever we believe . That is such a lovely encouragement and strength for us. I think what they are doing here is really wonderful.